Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend was busy and FUN! To top it off, the girls were ANGELS. I don't know if I could ever say that about an entire weekend, but they were soooo well-behaved. Almost eerie.

Friday afternoon, I took the girls to a new spray park.

Saturday morning we played downstairs (see videop of Sylvia pushing Evelyn in the wagon...she's so strong!), went to the pool, hand lunch and then got poured on! We were already wet, it didn't matter! Saturday afternoon, we had the Venner's over (Jason, Kelly, Lucas (2.5) and Marlow (9 months) and Melissa and her boyfriend. The kids played nicely (having a blast singing ring around the rosey) and then we had a great meal together.

Sunday, it was yucky weather so we took the girls to the bounce house place (tons of bounce houses). David even bounced around! We grabbed lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant (Rio Grande). The girls were so good and Evelyn announced to everyone "bye bye everybody" when leaving and cracked up the whole place. After naps we hit the pool. They are getting so good at swimming with and without their floaties. We are continuing swim lessons into the Fall and Winter with a weekly session on Sunday morning.

Good fun!

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