Sunday, December 4, 2011

Big Girl Bed Update

Well, at naps, Friday didn't go so well and neither did Saturday. Friday, the Sylvia thought it would be fun to tell Evelyn to open the door to her room so they could hang out. She kept going in there. Bad listener!

On Saturday, Sylvia did much of the same, but they finally slept.

Sunday, after Sylvia made her way into the bathroom and discovered the band aids. Applied 2 on her hand, brushed her hair for about 30 minutes, went to the potty about 4 times, she finally fell asleep!

Bedtime is much easier. They don't go in each other's room and pretty much stay in their beds. Sylvia went into the bathroom and discovered these flossing toothpick things and dumped them all over. I asked what she was doing with them "I have to dump them, I have to now clean them up." Silly girl. It takes a lot not to laugh at her curiosity. And, I'm consistently amazed how she can OPEN ANYTHING! No child lock will set her back. We've moved all the dangerous stuff out of her bathroom because once I found her with a bottle of Tylenol (childproof lid) OPENED. She just dumped it out. Thank goodness she knows Mommy gives her medicine and she can't take it herself.

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