Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Holiday Spirit

We all helped Anglea decorate her tree. It's very pretty with white lights and all hot pink ornaments. I offered for her to put it downstairs, but she had a good point that she would enjoy it most in her room. So, I made some hot chocolate (which the girls didn't like) and headed upstairs to decorate her tree. The girls did a great job! So fun! Then, we went downstairs to hang her stocking with ours by the fireplace (and the 1950s Santa, which was my Grandma Benson's, btw...David wants to throw it away...shame on him)!

On a side note, the day before Angela and Mommy ran the hot chocolate 15k (9.3 miles). While the race was logistically a nightmare, both Angela and Mommy achieved personal records, at 9:03 pace (1hr 24min) and 10:06 pace (1hr 34 min) respectively. We were both thrilled! Mommy didn't register for the race, but her friend offered her the bib after she was injured. Both of us are training for a half marathon on St. Patrick's day, and Angela may go onto run a marathon in the fall.

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